2006 NEWS

1. We have manufactured a new set of  jigs for the ESTfield chassis and suspension components. New chassis have a tolerance of + - 1mm
2. We are also renewing our bodypanel models and moulds and making adjustments to ensure a  better fit to the steel chassis.
3. The first carbon-fibre body panels are ready and are awaiting collection by a Latvian customer. We are taking orders for other carbon-fibre components.
1. Our first GTest will be powered by a Lexus V8 4.2l aluminium-block engine mated to an Audi A6 6-speed gearbox. The mating plate drawings are now ready and the flywheel and clutch are currently being modified.
2. For those interested in placing an order for a GTest, we can offer Audi  V8, Chevy SB 350 and Ford engines. The choise of gearboxes includes an Audi 5-speed A016 and a Renault 5-speed box. We can also offer Quaife 6-speed road and race gearboxes with prices starting from 9000 GBP.
3. In cooperation with our Swedish partner we will be receiving the jigs and body moulds for a Lamborghini kit car, and we will be taking orders for factory built cars from April.
1.Our first in-house designed paramotor is now complete and awaiting testing. The cage is made of tubular stainless steel and the engine is a Simonini Mini 2 Plus with a capacity of 202cc and power output of  26 HP
 2. Testing of the titanium framed paramotor MX4 of our Swedish partner has been completed successfully and  it is now on its way to the aviation show in Germany. The latest silencer we produced has increased power and reduced noise  output.

2005 NEWS

Mr. Maris Ignants mob.:+3719404873 has agreed to be our representative in Latvia. He has extensive experience of building racing cars and he has already built 3 Estfields. Currently he is building his 4th ESTfield and a trailer for it. Maris speaks Latvian, Russian and English. Orders for kits can be placed with him, and he will be glad to answer technical questions about the build process.


30 July 2005






Due to the great interest in our new GT car the GTest40, we have now started taking preorders. Customers will be able to choose between kits consisting of chassis and body panels with prices starting from around 7500 EUR, and complete cars that will be priced from 95000 USD upwards depending on the desired specification.  


27 May 2005 The first set of body panels for a new GT car have been manufactured. The chassis is nearing completion. Orders for four of the new cars have already been placed.
23 May 2005 RaceTech's lightest car - 413 kg without driver - made its first test run. The aluminium chassis car is powered by a honda 1100cc engine. New tests soon to be made on the Pärnu circuit.




2004 NEWS

17-18 July 2004 First International ESTfield owners' and builders' speed festival in Pärnu. For more details goto racing page.
2 July 2004 Assets Ltd company summer days 2004 
dsc00185.jpg (84617 bytes)
More pictures here.
26 June 2004 Speed Rock drag race on Saaremaa Island. ESTfield Owners Club meeting.
kogunemine parklas.JPG (71284 bytes)
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1 June 2004 The first home-built ESTfield gets a targa top.
 imgp1470.jpg (92238 bytes)imgp1471.jpg (70000 bytes)imgp1472.jpg (61606 bytes)imgp1474.jpg (68246 bytes)
9-12 April 2004 Racetech has three ESTfields on show on their stand in hall B06: 20 at the Elmia Custom Motorshow in Sweden. One car is our first complete rental car (Ford 2,0 DOHC) which is ready to test drive and two are part finished - one with Ford Zetec 1600 16v and Volvo running gear and one with the Volvo alloy 2,0 litre engine. We look forward to meeting all enthusiasts, owners and builders alike. We have also brought along a paraglider and pilot, who will be conquering the skies above Jönköping. 

2003 NEWS

 See the racing news page for more details and comments on the racing activity.

19 July 2003 The ESTfield owners' meeting in Pärnu was a great success with 9 ESTfields present and running. See the racing page for results and pictures.
19 July 2003 The next ESTfield owners meeting will be held on the 19th of July, beginning at 12 noon, on the Pärnu circuit. All ESTfield owners are welcome, together with their families and friends. We'll be practising fast driving, setting up cars and there will be two race starts. For the first time, up to 1600cc Lada and Fiat engined cars will compete in their own class for a separate trophy.

Those who are interested will be able to try out our cars and compare lap times.
Andres Leotoots will be recording times.
Tõnis will be organising snacks and refreshments and providing a canopy over our heads.
We will have use of the track until 4 p.m.
The day concludes with a trip on a sailing yacht in Pärnu Bay.

10 July 2003 As of today four new ESTfields have been registered here in Estonia:
1.Silver's 1,8l BMW engined blue car,
2.Aavo's 1,8l BMW engined red car,
3.Olli's 1,8l BMW engined green car,
4.Valter's 5,7l Chevrolet engined black car.
18 May 2003 Tartu speed went ahead despite poor weather conditions and here are the results.
17 May 2003 TARTU SPEED drag race is being held at Raadi airfield, starting at 12.00 noon with registration and technical inspection beginning at 10.00 a.m. In case of adverse weather conditions the event will be held on the 18th at the same times. There is a separate unrestricted ESTfield class and we look forward to seeing as many ESTfield owners as possible. The entry fee is 300EEK.
05 May 2003 RaceTech is moving and our telephone and fax numbers have changed as of today.
Please make a note of our new numbers:
Tel: +372  7 353 203
Fax: +372 7 352 442
30 April 2003 RaceTech is now offering two new GRP panels - the bonnet(hood) and the rear panel. See the spares page for prices.
18-21 April 2003 RaceTech has a stand (Hall D Stand 21) at the Elmia Custom Motor Show in Sweden. We are showing our Lada powered racing ESTfield and look forward to meeting all interested car builders and enthusiasts.
27 April 2003 The season's first timed practice day for ESTfield owners at the Pärnu Circuit.
31 March 2003 After several days hard work fitting the EFITEC electronic injection and ignition system to a BMW powered 1800cc ESTfield and setting it up on the rolling road, the car is back with an astounding 37 extra bhp and 32 Nm more torque. (130.3 bhp @ 5750 rpm and 171 Nm @ 4750 rpm). That is an increase of 39.6% in bhp and 23% in torque. And this over and above our original very respectable result of 93.4 bhp at the wheels for the BMW 4 cyl engine  running with the Lada twin choke carb (this exceeded the manufacturer's figure for power output at the flywheel for instance). And the cost ... roughly 70 Euro per bhp. We are certainly surprised and impressed. Click here to view a separate page on the EFITEC system including  power and torque curves for the BMW engine, and a price list. We will be adding more info as soon as it becomes available.
26 March 2003 Engineers from RaceTech will be taking a 1800cc BMW engined ESTfield to Sweden to install EFITEC's (also known as ProSpark) electronic injection and ignition system. This after-market high-precision electronically metered single-rail injection and solid-state ignition system can be manually set up and tuned without the use of any specialised equipment; which makes it an ideal choice for non-standard engine applications such as the ESTfield. In the  manufacturer's experience the system can boost power output by around 25%. We will be monitoring the results on our own engine and will post the results as soon as we have them. RaceTech's engineers will be given training in fitting and tuning the electronic system so that future installations can be carried out at our own factory in Tartu.
March 2003 RaceTech has begun production of a 5" wider chassis for bigger clients. Both steel and aluminium chassis are currently under construction and will use the Volvo 740 rear axle.
19-23 March 2003 The ESTfield V8 is on display at the Tallinn Motor Show "Motorex 2003".

20 December 2002 The first all-aluminium ESTfield chassis is nearing completion (Click here to see pictures)
14 Septenber  2002 Motul Night Race at Raadi Airfield, Tartu. (Click here for pictures)
12-15 September  2002 Next ESTfield Club meeting and practice and race days in Pärnu. Click here for race programme.
24. August 2002

ESTfield Owners' Club race meeting
6 ESTfields turned out for the race, 5 raced and one (V8 ESTfield) was unable to start due to engine problems.

23 August 2002.

ESTfield owners training session on the long circuit at Pärnu.
4 cars were present and 3 of them were driven on the circuit. On Friday the best lap time of 1:08.71 was set by Urmas Kiviselg in his 1.8 litre BMW powered ESTfield, corresponding to an average speed of 120.51 km/h, second was Felix Paves with 1:09.09 with the 2.0 litre Alfa Romeo powered car - average speed 119.84 km/h, and third was Indrek Teppan with the Chevy V8 powered ESTfield, with a time of 1:14.10 and an average speed of 111.74 km/h.

Since the ESTfield Chevy engine was still being run-in revs were kept below 4000, however, Indrek noticed that the engine wasn't pulling properly and closer inspection revealed that the 2nd cylinder pushrods were broken. Since the necessary spares could not be found in time, the car was unable to race on Saturday.

14th August 2002

Pärnu circuit training day and the first ESTfield owners meeting this year.
The Pärnu circuit team organised a training day for motorcycles and cars. For the first time 10 ESTfields arriving under their own power from all across Estonia attended the meeting. There was a chance to compete, set up the cars, and share know-how. In the evening everyone got together in the Aleksandri Pub to bring the test day to a close and to endorse the EHOC (ESTfield Happy Owners Club) statute. It was decided to participate on the 23rd and organise a Club race on the 24th on the Pärnu circuit.
At the same time we also plan to demonstrate the circuit racing capabilities of the Chevrolet V8 powered ESTfield.

10th August 2002

The unveiling of a new Chevrolet V8 powered ESTfield took place at theRaadi Drag Race
Unfortunately we could not compete due to an oil leak. Despite the efforts of the team we were not able to find or solve the problem. Nevertheless the cars immense competitive potential became apparent. We still need to find proper drag tyres and a LSD.
Later inspection revealed a bolt-hole drilled through the sump - we put a bolt in place and the oil problem was solved.
All help and suggestions are welcome regarding the sourcing of suitable wheels and tyres and an Opel Senator LSD.
The car will certainly be seen again at the next Raadi drag meeting in September.

10th August 2002

We achieved first place in the 2 litre class at the Raadi Drag Race with our 1.6 litre Lada powered ESTfield.
Our time of 14.44 for the 1/4 mile was clearly unsatisfactory for our car, since we have achieved times a second faster (13.56). The reason lay in insufficient preparation. The car also had unsuitable wheels and tyres for the event. We will prepare better for the September race and have set ourselves a target of less than 13 seconds.
The organisers of the event yet again had problems registering the ESTfield. We were "inadvertently omitted" from the 2 litre class, but were fit for the open class of over 3 litre cars. After some confusion before the final runs we were at last allowed to compete in our rightful class.
In general we were satisfied with the organisation of the event. Pärtelpoeg and Team should accept the recommendations given by the Finnish specialists concerning the organisation of the event. A big thanks to him and the team.

11 July 2002

The second Lada powered ESTfield (S017) VIN code: ESTA 1522 32MARK 004 was deeemed roadworthy by the Estonian vehicle registry office and was given the registration number 252 ARI. This is the  seventh car to be registerd in Estonia. There are another 5 or 6 set to be on the road by  the end of August.

22 June 2002 Indrek Teppan's sets a new lap-record on the long Pärnu circuit in the ESTfield of less than one minute.
In official training on the long Pärnu circuit Indrek Teppan set a new lap record in an ESTfield - 59 seconds. The new record was set in a Lada powered 1.6 litre ESTfield, and the average speed was 138.07 km/h. The result was recorded on the official lap timing equipment and was confirmed by the competition office.
6 June 2002 Our Racing ESTfield 004, VIN code: ESTA 1512 32MARK 002 was registered as road legal and was given the number 198 ARH
11-12 May 2002 The Raadi Speed Test (drag race) at Raadi airport just outside Tartu. RaceTech was there this  year again with the Lada powered race prepared ESTfield. 
In the end the supremacy of our 1600cc Lada powered ESTfield had to be recognised. Our final position: 2nd overall. [See TQHQ for full results.]
04-05 May 2002
The first international race meeting in the Baltic Cup series for ESTfields took place in Riga, the capital of Latvia, on the weekend of the 4th and 5th of May. Two cars assembled in Latvia took part: chassis 012 - built into a car called LOTA, and chassis 031 assembled by the Arcers Club which was completed just the previous evening. Two cars built by RaceTech in Estonia also took part: RaceTech's race prepared car A004 (chassis 010) driven by our test driver Indrek Teppan, and the Alfa Romeo powered car A003 (chassis 008), with owner Felix Paves at the wheel, driving in the STREET class.
03.May RaceTech's latest project car - a 6 cyl 2.0l BMW engined ESTfield (car A008 chassis 009) passed the relevant technical inspections and was registered at the Tallinn Vehicle Registration Centre. Its new owner is a businessman from Tartu and we hope to be seeing it in regular use shortly. [Some pictures of the car from the Tallinn motorshow 2002.]
11.April 2002 The calendar of events for the ESTfield NGK and Baltic Cup championships has been announced and can be seen on our 'RACING' page.
21-24 March 2002 MOTOREX 2002 - the Tallinn Motorshow. Click here for some pictures of ESTfield 008  from the show.