ESTfield 002
Factory Built during 2000/2001 Powered by 4 cyl BMW

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At the test station
Road test 2001 Road test 2001 Now ready to take on
any weather

This the second ESTfield to leave RaceTech's workshop was fitted with an 1800cc BMW engine and BMW gearbox mated to a Lada live rear axle. Otherwise the specification of the car remained unchanged from the first car. The chassis however was now welded in the specially fabricated chassis jig. The owner himself finished off the car and made the windscreen and the weather gear.

 ENGINE:  BMW 1.8 (longitudinally mounted - un-tuned)
OHC, 2 valves per cylinder, with DAAZ 2107 1107010-20 Carburettor (Lada)
Capacity: 1767 cc
Power output: 66 kW (90 hj) @ 5500 rpm
Torque 140 Nm @ 4000 revs
 CHASSIS:  Square section tubular steel space frame.
Track: front - 1330 mm, rear - 1320 mm
Wheel base: 2323 mm
Body length: 3420 mm
Width: 1580 mm
Height: 1060 mm
Ground clearance (with driver): -- mm
Under floor ground clearance: --- mm
Centre of gravity with fuel and driver: ---- mm
Weight distribution: --% to rear axle
Fuel tank capacity: -- l
Unladen weight 620kg
Kerb Weight (with fuel): 720 kg
Load capacity: 100 kg
 Suspension:  Front: -----
Rear: ------.
 Brakes:  Main cyl. - Lada 2101 without servo assistance
Front - Lada 2101 discs
Rear - Lada 21011 drums
 Steering:  rack and pinion:---- turns lock to lock
 Wheels:  5,5J x 14
 Tyres:  175/70 R 14

BMW 5-speed manual
I 3.72
II 2.02
III 1.32
IV 1.00
V 0.80
R 3.45
Final drive 4.39
Rear axle: LADA 21011

 BODYWORK:  GRP nose cone and front and rear wings; aluminium bonnet and side and rear panels.

"Autoleht's" road test report of August 2001 and test results. (in Estonian)